Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sorry for not adding new articles,
As i don't have enough time nowadays i want 2-3 authors to write new articles.
If you are willing to do that please drop comment saying so i will select 2-3 writers.
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Friday, May 21, 2010

Google talk 3.0.2,Palringo deleted? dont worry

Google Maps 3.0.2


Download these
U can install directly or Click here for installation guide for installing in Locked Games folder

[links changed]

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Add to Locked game

tired with those permission messages while opening the java softwares?

1) Be careful while doing this, dont delete any content
2) This is not working in some monte models
3) I am not responsible if anything goes wrong, do it at ur own risk

Connect ur mobile via usb & open TK File explorer (download)
set the com port and baud rate(available device manager->modem->samsung mobile modem)
connect to mobile

go to EXE\Java\Locked Games
create a new folder with the game/software name
now select the jar and jad files from the folders and download

now disconnect ur mobile
and type this in keypad
*#7092463*# (*#3971258*# in some models)
"Internals" appears
goto "5 DB Management"->"Update DB"->"1 JAVA"


Secret Codes

*#0*# Test Menu
*#06# IMEI
*#5239870*# for Admin Settings
*#7092463*# (*#3971258*# in some models)for Internals Master Key
(plz let me know ur firmware version if its not working for u)